DJ Joshua Katharsis – Next Generation Open Format

DJ and Producer Joshua Katharsis has been on a whirlwind of a musical journey since the 2010 conception of his highly successful open format music project. The Lenzerheide-born artist has racked up numerous achievements although it was his residency at “Nachtseminar” (Plaza, Zürich) that really propelled his DJ career to the next level.

After his initial success, the swiss DJ and producer continued to develop his unique style and set focus on the upcoming of the disco house genre. Fascinated by artists like Purple Disco Machine and the remixes of Mousse T.’s songs, Joshua Katharsis joined to journey of this music and brings it to the clubs of Switzerland.

Thru these influences Joshua Katharsis, branded a new DJ alter ego called “Yellowfin” which only focuses on disco house and house music. This alter ego is part of the Zurich based label Rätsch Tätsch Boom, which features many Hive Audio artists as “And Hazel” or Aaron Khaleian.

Joshua Katharsis is a very in-demand touring DJ and his schedule has never been busier. Bringing his unparalleled sound and unique mix of disco house, funk, hip hop and trap straight to the dancefloor at some of Switzerland’s finest clubs, festivals and events including Plaza (Zürich), Trischli (St. Gallen), Badrutt’s Palace (St. Moritz) and Cinema (Lenzerheide), just to name a few.